Interview Preparation Tips

Is it enough to just read the job description and turn up for an interview relying on your great personality to get the job?  We think not especially in a tougher market and today’s competitive market place.  Here are our interview preparation tips:

  • Review the job description in detail making sure you understand what it is asking you to do
  • Focus on the essential skills required ensuring that you have an example prepared for how you have demonstrated this skill in your working life
  • Think through your working life achievements and create mental links to the skills / responsibilities needed for this role so that you can call on these during interview to show your suitability
  • Practice, practice, practice – you might feel silly but practice saying your examples out loud so that it sounds natural.  If you can get someone to ask you some questions or contact us for a mock interview 
  • Do some research on the organisation.  There is nothing worse than asking someone what they know about the business and being greeted with a blank stare.  It just looks lazy and you want to be able to show that you really want to work THERE not just anywhere
  • Prepare some questions to ask them as you will inevitably get asked if you have any and this can be a great opportunity to demonstrate further knowledge through clever questioning

Feeling prepared for interview makes you a better candidate as you will be more relaxed and ready and be able to really demonstrate that best version of you.  We can help you with your preparation through our targeted interview coaching which includes mock interviews, dealing with nerves, confidence building and practical work on preparing skills based examples.  Contact us through the website if you are interested.

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